How Does It Work?

People are social creatures; we learn best by sharing, discussing and doing.  Rhizome Live uses this. We connect learners to a common conversation, bringing the benefits of shared, dynamic conversation to workplace training.  Inspired by key video content, employees of all levels share examples, experience and knowledge equally. Everyone to learn from everyone else. By drawing on the Collective Intelligence of your organisation, we develop understanding as knowledge silos are unlocked.  

Participants are given responsibility for their own learning.  It is up to them to contribute, reflect and share. They can focus on the examples which are relevant and interesting to them, allowing everyone to develop role specific expertise within the universal training session.

And there is no limit to the size of the conversation: the larger the audience, the richer the experience for everyone.

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Working with the web, not against it

  • Focus on back channel conversations – discuss with each other, not just the facilitator.
  • An equal voice for everyone – open discussion across the organisational chart
  • Threaded discussion for natural conversation – don’t get lost in the flow
  • Natural scaling for massive participation – the more participants the better
  • Native language and sentiment analysis
  • Data rich user engagement