Jen’s alarm goes off. It’s 6.45. She wants to put it on snooze and go back to sleep, but she has to get out of bed into the cold. That’s followed by a hasty breakfast, and out the door with toast still in hand. A drive to the station, a wait on the windy platform and then an hour on the train. If she’s lucky, Jen might get a seat.

Today is a training away day. Jen isn’t looking forward to it, but then she never does. Training away days always mean an early start, rushed breakfast, a long commute and and then a walk to the venue. What’s worse, one of her projects is getting to a really important stage. Jen wants to be on hand to support her team, and deal with that problem client. Even though Jen tried to clear her inbox on the train, she knows that her emails are going to back up and that something important might slip.

All of this trouble just for a couple of hours of training. And to what benefit? Listening to a speaker read a Powerpoint. Maybe they’ll all be forced to stand up and mess about with sticky notes. There will probably be buzz words. But Jen doesn't think any of it is really relevant to her. It feels like a box ticking exercise that is wasting her time, and potentially damaging her work.

But at least the lunch should be something to look forward to. They always do a good lunch.

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Lizzie Evans - Learning Consultant, Rhizome Live

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