It’s a busy day for Steve. His inbox is full of emails marked urgent. His team’s biggest project has officially been completed, but there is always some follow up after the handover. He has two performance reviews in the calendar for today. They should both be straightforward, but it is important to Steve that he gives his team members as much time as they need to discuss any issues. And then after lunch, Steve has that big meeting with the senior management.

Oh, yes, and Steve needs to complete the e-learning customer service module.

Steve doesn’t have the time and can’t see the point. What is a generic, click-through module going to teach him about working with his clients? It isn’t specific enough to provide any kind of meaningful insight into the company’s clientele, and his projects are so varied that is certainly won’t be representative of his experience. In real life, Steve would go to one of his colleagues if he had a problem with client relations. He isn’t going to try and remember the answer to some ridiculous multiple choice questions.

For Steve, this ‘training’ is an unwelcome distraction. He will rush through it as fast as possible. His short term memory is good enough that he doesn’t need to really put any effort into it; he certainly won’t remember it next week. Compliance might have ticked a box, but for Steve it means 20 minutes less prep for one of his meetings, or (more likely) 20 minutes less lunch.

Soft skills training shouldn’t be like this. Rhizome Live allows your staff to share relevant experience around realistic scenarios. Scheduled live sessions provide dedicated time for meaningful engagement. No more pointless and forgettable training. To find out more, click here or arrange a call with us.

Lizzie Evans - Learning Consultant, Rhizome Live

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