Last week it was the Learning Technologies UK conference and exhibition at ExCel in London. The Rhizome Live team are always keen to see the latest developments in learning tech, so CEO Nic Pillow and I headed to the exhibition for a day.

The journey took about four hours (with half of those spent getting across London!), but we finally arrived at #LT19UK at about lunchtime. Once we had been given our badges, we were ready to browse round the stands, find out about the latest advances, and chat with the learning tech community.

A colourful display

The first thing that struck me was all the colour! Learning tech is definitely working to a theme at the moment. Bright blues and greens dominated, broken up by orange highlights. I was intrigued by the similarity, so I took a look at some colour theory to find out why that palette is so popular.

Blues and greens are generally associated with technology - no great surprise there then. They also represent reliability and trustworthiness, both features that it is good for any technology to possess, and any salesman too! And with gamification and social learning both big features in L&D at the moment, it is interesting to find that bright blue signifies communication and entertainment.

As for orange, that is associated with communication, entertainment and creativity. VR was prominent on several of the stands, with delegates offered the opportunity to try it out. Tools to aid creativity were also plentiful, ranging from e-learning builders to video editors and cartoon creators.


While I was investigating the marketing, Nic was busy finding out about the cutting edge developments.

Nic Pillow

Learning Technologies had moved to Excel this year, making much more open and easier to get around this year, if perhaps with a little less character. But as before, many of the most interesting ideas were in the small 'LaunchPad' - the very small stands of the start-up businesses. It was refreshing to find the business owners and directors on these stands too, not just the ranks of sales and marketing teams of the bigger companies.


You can find out more about our adventures at #LTUK19 in future posts.

Lizzie Evans - Learning Consultant, Rhizome Live

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