rhi·zome (rī′zōm′)

A plant stem that grows horizontally under or along the ground and often sends out roots and shoots. New plants develop from the shoots.

Our Story

How do you deliver an engaging photography class to 35,000 people from 1,632 cities in 107 different countries?


By working with the web rather than against it.


This is what Jonathan Worth did with his award-winning university class Photography and Narrative (Phonar).

He took an Open approach, relying on social media resources that are widely available like Twitter, Soundcloud and Flickr.  Then he brought together experts.  They Open-Sourced new problems that no one could solve individually. Together, with their collective intelligence and connected conversation, they could. Participants responded in droves and Jonathan’s previously unlisted course was quickly recognised as the UK’s number 1.

The walls of the traditional classroom were well and truly circumvented, resulting in a massive networked conversation. Jonathan wondered: if connecting people to solve a common problem was so successful in education, then why not in business?

He saw endless possibilities for this Connected Learning approach. And the seed for Rhizome Live was sown.

Our Mission

Collaborate, Educate, Innovate

There is another way to learn online. A way that engages and inspires, that breaks down departmental and geographical barriers, and allows the sharing of best practice. We bring something new to the table, change the way you train, and reinstate discussion as the route to understanding.

Our Team

Inspired by Jonathan’s vision, the Rhizome Live team came together to change the world of learning and development.  We are on a mission to spread Connected Learning far and wide.

Jonathan Worth - Co-founder & Director of Research

Jonathan is the brains behind our Connected Learning approach. His pioneering method won international recognition.  In 2012 he was made a UK National Teaching Fellow, while his research has been cited in the UK and EU Parliaments. In his research at Newcastle’s Open Lab he has collaborated with industrial partners such as World Press Photo Foundation, The Tallberg Foundation and The International Red Cross.

Edward Jenkins - CTO

Ed brings great expertise of working with Open and connected technology. Before joining us, he was Senior Research Software Engineer at Newcastle University’s Open Lab, working on projects with IFRC, BBC, NHS and the UK Government.