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Rhizome Live transforms conference presentations into global conversations. Our hybrid format energises attendees—all networking and interacting with each other—whilst engaging a vast online audience: we’ve had over 35,000 active participants.

At its heart is a networked conversation—a real-time, text-based conversation that comprises many simultaneous discussions between any and all participants, including invited experts. It’s a blend of social media and group messaging that gets everyone actively contributing, yet helping presenters to convey their content.

The results are exceptional, with outstanding attendee satisfaction scores and huge social media coverage. A recent event with 70 attendees reached 400,000 online in just one hour.


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Exceptional engagement

As an attendee you actively contribute throughout. Support or challenge statements that others make – and see immediately what response your comments elicit in return. You’re exploring the topic, not passively listening.



See from the discussion who else is most interesting based on what they say, look up their details on screen and join them in the conversation – or contact them to see if they’ll meet up later.


Massive Social Reach

As an organiser you get to engage orders of magnitude more participants online. It gives sponsors a huge audience, and all those participants get a taste of what you offer: Rhizome events see a large increase in subsequent (physical) attendance.



By orchestrating a global conversation, you also secure your standing at the heart of the global community, significantly boosting your ability to influence the domain and to offer any related services.


Big Data

Rhizome shows you who talks to whom, what they discuss, their opinions, and the key influencers. It’s exceptionally rich data that is simply unavailable from face-to-face networking.


Seven Years of Networked Conversations

Rhizome Live embodies the award winning approach developed by Jonathan Worth for Phonar, a pioneering series of learning events. Starting with just 9 participants, within three years:

  • attendance was heavily over-subscribed, despite capacity and price having been increased to their maximum
  • it had over 35,000 participants in one series,
  • it was propelled from unlisted to top of the Guardian’s university rankings in the subject.

It’s an approach that has since been proven by others, with a recent event at the University of California reaching 400,000 people in its first hour.

However, until now it has required presenters to juggle several general-purpose technologies in a live session. It has not been practical for general use.

Rhizome Live solves that problem with a dedicated, web-based platform that:

  • integrates all relevant functionality into a single interface,
  • promotes dialogue between participants,
  • makes networked conversations simple and intuitive for presenter and participant alike.

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