Connect and Engage Audiences

Training that’s purely online often results in a reduced experience and quality of learning compared to interactive classroom training.

Our new online approach – Connected Learning – can provide even greater interaction, engagement, and training success.

We all learn naturally by interacting with others – just watch young children at play. Yet most training, especially eLearning, is simply broadcast to individuals to ‘consume’ on their own.

By contrast, Rhizome Live online training gets participants learning through active dialogue with each other. It scales to very large audiences – the approach has been used by 1,000s – but it has the intense engagement and interaction of a small class. In fact the larger the group, the richer the discussions.

Rather than being told what they need to know, participants work it out for themselves, often without even realising they are learning.

blended learning


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Continual Engagement

A level of engagement that sees participants voluntarily continuing the work outside training sessions


Depth of Knowledge

A depth of understanding that normally only comes with real-world experience



Long-lasting retention of learning, and real changes in behaviour

What We Offer

Bespoke Training
Rhizome Live creates bespoke training courses following these principles. We can incorporate your existing material and expertise as appropriate, blending it in with our cutting edge approach to learning.
Digital Platform
A key ingredient is our digital discussion platform. We supply a dedicated environment which can be integrated into existing systems or used on its own. For small groups it may even be appropriate to use existing ad hoc tools.

Types of Training

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Soft Skills

Soft skills such as customer service or management


Case Studies

The application of raw knowledge to real-world case studies


Problem Solving

Practical problem-solving scenarios to help equip you



Communications, e.g. rolling out a new strategy



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